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Why use .NET Core and the Microsoft Stack?

Hubspot Development Perth

Why Hubspot?

Hubspot is an amazing platform. With Hubspot you can build websites, manage leads and customers, automate interactions and perform analytics. We work as technical service providers to get Hubspot doing the things it doesn't do out of the box.

Content Management and SEO

Hubspot provides the tools to build web sites and campaign landing pages without writing code. At the same time, Hubspot provides developers with the tools to control the markup that is generated for optimal SEO and customisation. Let us help you build custom templates for you to use with the website and blog features of Hubspot.

HubL's Hidden Capabilities

HubL is Hubspot's own scripting language we can leverage to build dynamic content for a Hubspot website. On the surface HubL may seem limited, but we have developed ways of working with HubL to deliver rich web applications.

Hubspot Workflows

Automations without the code. Hubspot's workflows are a fantastic way to build automations and with webhooks we can do integrations with other systems.

The Hubspot API

We have built tools that integrate with Hubspot by leveraging Hubspot's excellent API. We write software to push and pull data from Hubspot and trigger automations.

Project Example

We discovered a way to work with HubSpot's HubL language to provide for much more than simple templating. We were able to cater for dynamic calculations and complex vehicle searching while staying completely within the HubSpot platform.

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Here is an opportunity for us to share some insights. Let us demystify some jargon and help you make the right decisions with your next software project.

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