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About Us

SquareCode are a software development company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our office or yours?

We build custom software not only to fit our client's requirements but also their mode of operation. We understand that companies work differently, so we remain flexible. Our staff are able to work straight from our office, or if our clients prefer, we can provide staff to work on-site for the duration of the project. This is often preferred by clients with large projects and policies around data security.

Something tangible.

We understand that the best way to get a project right is to put something visual in front of the client as early as possible. Wire-frames, mock-ups and UI prototypes come before we touch a line of code. Here we pick-up any misunderstandings and provide the flexibility for requirements to change at low cost.

Communicate early. Communicate often.

Internally, our team has a daily meeting to communicate progress, direction and to co-ordinate cooperation. This keeps our team on-task and effective, and this discipline flows through to our communication with clients. Our clients are kept up to date with the progress we make, the challenges we face and the feedback we need.

A growth mindset.

From the top down, we simply love solving business problems with software. We share this passion with our staff as we invest in their professional development. We encourage our staff to embrace new technologies by looking for new libraries, frameworks and platforms, as well as training opportunities. We work hard to continuously grow the value we deliver.

A great product.

We are in the business of writing software and ultimately it's what we deliver that matters most. Standing on our commitment to technical expertise and the communication required to get it right, we build great software.

Great Software with Great UI/UX

Function and design are the key to a great experience.

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Meet SOME OF THE team

The SquareCode team are uniquely positioned to build quality software for Perth-based businesses.



Josh prides himself on open and clear communication. He works with your team to plan, schedule and deliver the best outcome for each project.


Lead Developer

Joshua is a highly skilled, full-stack developer. He is passionately involved in every software project and enforces strong standards to ensure quality.

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With continuous integration and continuous deployment, our DevOps practices are built for change. With these in place, our customers enjoy features and fixes being delivered quickly, inline with their business goals.