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Software Developers in Perth WA

The SquareCode team solve business challenges by building great software.

Web Application Development

Your app in a web browser.

Access everything in one place from anywhere in the world. Accurate information leads to informed decisions.
We build custom web applications from the ground up. Using the latest technologies, we deliver quality web-based solutions.

Mobile App Development
iOS and Android

Your business on the move.

Replace paper, support your team, track assets, streamline communication, incorporate images, utilise video and integrate your existing systems. Transform the speed of your business! There's so much a mobile app could be doing for your business.


Your systems talking to each other.

Discover what is possible. We work with you and your current systems. Creating powerful synergies that save time, empower your team and reducing double handling.

Database Development

Your business systems modelled perfectly.

Effective database development catered for your needs. We can build you a database for a new application or integrate with your existing database systems. No more frustration with performance or support! 

Who do you need for your software project?

The SquareCode team love to solve business problems by building great software.

Systems Analysis and Scoping

User stories and big picture
This is where all successful projects start. Our analysts are experts at understanding existing processes, ongoing problems and new ideas and converting them into a workable solution document.

Software Architecture

Technology choices and scaffolding
Every great solution needs a foundation to build on. Our architects choose the right technologies and design a solution for the long term.

UI Design and User Experience

More than pretty pictures
A UI/UX expert turns your complex business processes into simple experiences for your end user. Not only will your app look great, it will be a pleasure to use.

Back End Development

The nuts and bolts
Our back end developers live in C# and .NET Core to build maintainable, scalable, high-performance code for your software solution.

Project Management

Team leadership
SquareCode leaders maintain the vision for your system. They communicate the software plan and command the highest quality with a commitment to excellence.

Front End Development

Bringing UI to life
Our front end developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript and XAML to bring UI designs to life. Using modern frameworks, we deliver the user experience that users have come to expect.

Friendly service here in Perth

We pride ourselves on our friendliness and our responsiveness. We give our customers the support they need on Perth time. Book a meeting with us today and talk to us face-to-face about your app requirements.

Skilled Software Developers

Front-end. Back-end. Database. We have local Perth talent providing skills across the full-stack of software development.

We specialise in .NET Core, JavaScript and SQL Server but remain highly adaptive, having worked with other technologies.

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Our Customers


We re-built the Friendlies Pharmacy website using the Sitecore platform. This was done according to Sitecore's Helix principles, modelled on the Habitat solution. Features were developed in a modular and generic way so that they may be re-used for future requirements.


We built a layer on top of their existing job management software by interfacing with the existing SQL Server database. First this provided basic reporting, but the solution has grown into a web application performing key functions across the business.

Automotive Holdings Group

We worked with their existing systems by deciphering the archaic Rocket U2 database platform. By understanding our client thoroughly we were able to engineer solutions to provide seamless integrations and insightful reports.


We managed the SharePoint implementation for Workpower, providing a combination of out-of-the-box and custom development to meet requirements around document management, corporate news, staff interaction and standard forms.


We discovered a way to work with HubSpot's HubL language to provide for much more than simple templating. We were able to cater for dynamic calculations and complex vehicle searching while staying completely within the HubSpot platform.

Our Latest Posts

We're sharing our knowledge with you, because sharing is caring!

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December 14, 2018
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January 26, 2019
Why is database design so important?

I personally regard the design of the database as the most important design step in software development. Here are some database design concepts that we follow, and an outline of why they are so important.

November 12, 2018

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