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Why use .NET Core and the Microsoft Stack?

Sitecore Development Perth

SquareCode's developers have experience building websites on the Sitecore platform.

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is an enterprise platform for building websites. Sitecore is not for the faint-of-heart but it enables an unparalleled union of software developers, content managers and marketing staff to deliver a completely personalised experience for your website visitors.

Content Tree and Experience Editor customisations

Sitecore doesn't do much out of the box for content managers. We build intuitive modules for users to fully leverage the experience editor when building content for their Sitecore websites. Many users prefer to work in the content tree, and we build for this too.

Helix and Habitat

We build Sitecore websites according to Helix principles with heavy reference to the Habitat solution. This ensures that we build Sitecore websites that are well structured and maintainable, with no coupling between feature modules. We also make use of Unicorn, enabling us to store content tree items on disk and in source control.

Decoupled data templates

With both inheritance and redundancy, data templates can get real messy. We build data templates with an interface approach. These templates are structured in a way that avoids coupling while allowing for single content items to leverage multiple feature modules.

Machine learning Tools

Using Sitecore Cortex we can help you leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and the ML-engine delivers content tagging, segmentation discovery, and automated personalisation recommendations across both internal customer data and third-party customer data.

Project Example

We re-built the Friendlies Pharmacy website using the Sitecore platform. This was done according to Sitecore's Helix principles, modelled on the Habitat solution. Features were developed in a modular and generic way so that they may be re-used for future requirements.


With continuous integration and continuous deployment, our DevOps practices are built for change. With these in place, our customers enjoy features and fixes being delivered quickly, inline with their business goals.

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