SharePoint Development Perth

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft's web-based collaboration and document management platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. SharePoint has out-of-the-box functions that work well for collaborative document management, and provides tools for developers to customise SharePoint and integrate with other systems.

Our customers use SharePoint to:

  • collaborate on documents
  • centralise communication
  • build knowledge bases
  • enforce procedures and workflows
  • provide an intranet portal for staff
  • reporting dashboards
  • and more

SquareCode & SharePoint?

SharePoint Implementations

We manage new SharePoint installations, engineering SharePoint instance from the ground up to meet specific business requirements. Before we jump to a custom solution, we look at what we can do with SharePoint out-of-the-box. We install SharePoint with customer-specific design and branding, permissions, sites, workflows and forms. We find that SharePoint caters for many requirements without having to write a line of code and this results in a low total cost of ownership for our customers.

SharePoint Integrations

SharePoint's API provides for integrations with other systems. Our clients use SharePoint to centralise interactions with other systems. This includes integrations for business intelligence, website analytics, customer relationship management software (CRM) and enterprise resource planning software (ERP).

SharePoint Customisations

Rather than build an entire web application from scratch, we leverage SharePoint to accelerate application development. SharePoint has an extensive API and works well with active directory and SQL Server, providing for the functional, security and data storage capabilities to meet many business requirements. With web-parts, add-ins, REST services and webhooks, there are a many ways to go about custom SharePoint development. We consider out client's requirements carefully and propose the custom solution that fits best.

SharePoint Training

SharePoint training in Perth can be done onsite at your office or you can come in and do training at out office Wembley.
SquareCode can deliver set training on different features and modules of SharePoint or we can put together a custom training package to suit how your company uses SharePoint
.Our Microsoft SharePoint training is structured to Microsoft Office Certification, in addition.


With continuous integration and continuous deployment, our DevOps practices are built for change. With these in place, our customers enjoy features and fixes being delivered quickly, inline with their business goals.

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