When to choose a web application

January 26, 2019

When to choose a Web App

A web application is software with its user interface presented in a web browser. It's a kind of website that does something more than simply present a series of web pages. With a web application there is always a degree of interactivity. Gmail, Facebook and Airbnb are all examples of web applications that are available to anyone.

We love building web applications, and our clients love using them. For us they are so often the perfect answer to business needs, and here are some reasons why.

One source of truth

A web application that we develop for a business will connect to a single, centralised database. This means that information provided to the system by one user may have immediate benefits to other users. With this, we can reduce a dependence on documents and spreadsheets shared and duplicated over network drives.

Multiple platforms

Because a web application is accessed through a web browser, users have no problems accessing them via Windows, macOS or Linux. With responsive design, web applications may be built to work well with mobile devices too, including Android and iOS.

Public or private

For the line-of-business software that we develop, a web application does not need to be publicly available on the internet. Instead, some businesses will host the server on their internal intranet. With Windows networks, we can leverage Active Directory so that users are authenticated automatically by their domain accounts.

Enforce procedures

With a web application, businesses can impose a single, efficient system of operating instead of a cacophony of half-followed procedures. Once in place, management can run reports and provide accountability for these procedures too.

Information for management

Data provided by employees may be integrated into reports for management. Additionally, information may be brought in from other sources and presented in dashboards.

Updates with fewer headaches

When a web application is updated, it happens on the server. This means updates happen quickly and with fewer complications. We also have the added benefit that new features are delivered to all users at the same time.

When are web applications not suitable?

For some software requirements a web application is not suitable, for example: 3D design, video editing and computing the trillionth digit of pi. This is because they utilise a high amount of system resources and require a responsiveness that can only be delivered by desktop software. Requirements around accessing and manipulating a computer's files also fall out of scope for a web application. This is because web browsers necessarily protect a computer from web sites try to access these.

Is a web application suitable for your requirements? Drop us a line if you have any questions.

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When to choose a web application

We love building web applications, and our clients love using them. For us they are so often the perfect answer to business needs, and here are some reasons why.

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